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Robert L. Powell, voter ID laws deprive many citizens of their right to vote and create an obstacle to voter participation. The For the People Act would ensure automatic voter registration which would make it easier for young adults to be included in the process. Personalized Skull Rose Stainless Steel Tumbler ACLU.ORG Oppose Voter ID Legislation – Fact Sheet. Anna Tsekenis-Shehas > perhaps some one should remind ‘all of ’em’ of what OUR? Constitution states…and that they took an ‘oath of fealty’ to OUR? Republic…not to any individual state or individual?! But, WE know…or, do WE?. Anna Tsekenis-Shehas just like the 2nd amendment.. Anna Tsekenis-Shehas neither is purchasing firearms! I’m so glad we all reached the conclusion that ID is bad!. BG You are a confused little Umpa Lumpa aren’t you?. Sylvain Robichaud – Russian Trolls have no profile credibility. They challenge Democrats by trying to defend 45…..but they can’t. They only stir the pot of doubt… in the 2016 election. Putin hated Hillary and Obama…. because he couldn’t manipulate them….. but he loves our village idiot & his supportive friends (McConnell, Graham, Cruz, Johnson, Brooks, Hawley, Gohmert, Nunes, McCarthy etc.)

Personalized Skull Rose Stainless Steel Tumbler

Neil BrownThe only thing republicans are interested is their own power. They won’t help democrats win a potential political victory, and will use any available tactics to obstruct anything dems propose.6 . Kurt VenableThat’s because you and the rest of the dems are not proposing infrastructure plans like you are claiming right now. You want trillions for all of your pet projects! Only a very small fraction of your bill goes to actual infrastructure.7 . Top FanKitty DeCarloThen stop talking about it and do it already….move forward without those traitors!14 . Ellen ReadDo it alone without the Republicans! You will never get bipartisan support!6 . Ben Fain Jr.About half the people being positively affected with physical improvements and social improvements would be Republicans and the other half Dems.3 . Mary JoAsk people in Flint Michigan which they think we need water lines rebuilt or another bailout for the billionaires…14 . Karen CaiazzaBernie really knows what we all need as a country. It’s too bad that most of Congress doesn’t care.15  Personalized Skull Rose Stainless Steel Tumbler

Personalized Skull Rose Stainless Steel Tumbler

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