Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap . Order now before lose it forever.



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We had better think big about climate change. It will not stop while we take baby steps toward solving it.. Yes, it was a big mistake to assume that progressive legislation would ever be passed by Republicans. Their goal for the past 40 years has been, and will continue to be, having all 3 branches in their hands so they can tax everyone but the wealthy who … See More. We don’t have a thriving Democracy, and won’t have until we end the thriving oligarchy. . What will happen after benefits end and checks are spent?. Spot on as usual. And I really like that you repeat what you think very often because it is important for people who read it the first time. It also shows that you never relent in your efforts to accomplish all of it. Because we have to think big to (a… See More. This ladder to $15 is a joke $9.00 now isn’t helping no one and $15 in 2025 don’t help anyone then either Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap

Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap

Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap 1
Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap 3
Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap 2

I have always thought that unions are good for administrators/owners/workers. Win/win/win!. Treat your workers well and with respect and there will be no need for a union.. I truly believe in workers rights, but as a Michigander growing up with these Union workers…they do think they’re royalty and are why no one like unions. Always heard stories of them getting fucked up in the GM lot whilst getting paid $$$$ Privileg… See More. Yet you drive a non-union made Subaru… Fight for $30.. Good luck to them. Currently boycotting Amazon(which I have used extensively since Covid) Shame on Jeff Bezos! Pay a living wage!!. I mean why isn’t this just a standard in working in America?. They should do this in every state! Protect working people, not billionaires… the richest companies in the world should treat their people as well as the station they have made them into.. Biden lost millions of votes with his pipeline executive order unions stick together and he screwed over all them union members good luck in the midterms Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap

Personalized Skull Silver Pattern Classic Cap

They’ve been playing us for years, they know that they are hurting us, and they don’t give a shyte. We need more people like Bernie. Thank you Bernie for always, always giving a damn whether we eat or not.. Senator Sanders is a national treasure. Our country is extremely fortunate to have such men willing to dedicate their lives and careers to benefit of their fellow men.. If you can’t pass $15 minimum wage with 50 votes you’re not gonna pass it when you need 60. We get nothing from having this majority. You corralled progressive voters into the Democratic Party where we will get none of this.. We need to collaborate with Democracy InEurope Movement, DIEM25, as Earth is our home.. Yes. We need to pass these things because it’s harder to convince people to give them up. That’s why all your relatives who cry about sOcIaLiSm also scream about you taking their medicare away.

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