Personalized Soccer To My Son Love Dad Poster



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Business owners should not have to give up these things and take all the risk and be told to supply these things to others.. Your message is “you don’t have to work”. Let someone else work for you.. Plenty of good-paying jobs out there right now, get off your butt and get one. Nobody owes you squat. Have some pride and go earn it.. There are a few reasons why someone has to work for starvation wages if they don’t want to. Most times, people working for starvation wages are doing so because of poor decisions they made earlier in their lives. Perhaps they got arrested as a juvenile or a young adult and it made it much more difficult for them to get a good paying job. Perhaps they decided not to continue their education and pick up a trade that has been eliminated. Or any one of a number of reasons that were the fault of no one in particular, but just bad decisions. We don’t have to give people a free ride. Dignity is not something that you are born with as a right. Dignity is something you earn. Dignity comes from working hard regardless of the wage and knowing you did the best job you could. Dignity comes from being able to hold your head high with that knowledge, and the knowledge that you haven’t cheated, then anybody else wrong, or committed any crimes. Dignity is something not only you can be proud of, but your children can be proud that they see it in you. Personalized Soccer To My Son Love Dad Poster

Personalized Soccer To My Son Love Dad Poster

At this time I would like to thank President “Biden” who got me a $10,200 tax break off my unemployment payments. Instead of owing $6,000 in taxes, I now owe $3,200 . You may have the right to all of those things but you have the obligation to work for it! Get your ass up, get out of the house, get a job and work your way up to a life that you are proud of, not that was handed to you!!!. Jennifer Hawkins. Yes, stay home and mooch off the government because everyone is entitled to the world . Yeah, I remember when I worked for starvation wages. That was before I got tired of working for starvation wages.. (and a universal basic income). Hard working people DO work! Stop trying to take it away to give to those who choose not to work! #nothingisfree. You’ve been in Congress for a very long time representing Vermont and the people here cannot afford to live. Nothing is being done to fix it. Your extreme spending increases taxes that would help alot of families, while you have 3 houses. Vote for term limits so we can get some new blood in those seats. Personalized Soccer To My Son Love Dad Poster

Personalized Soccer To My Son Love Dad Poster

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