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They call it fringe politics for a reason. Graham Roy Personalized Warning Witch Property Custom Flag Victor Ruiz Some people get it. Everyone else are complicit in the corruption and they don’t even know it.. Victor Ruiz I really wanna agree with you Victor but I think at the end of the day the entire political spectrum is a corrupt wash. Even those that claim to be progressives seem a little bought and sold to me . Justin Francesco is that why they just filled every single poor Americans bank accts ?. Zink Zonk the “stimulus” money that they’ve returned to the people (And I say returned because it’s our money to begin with) is a drop in the bucket compared to how much they’ve handed out to corporations. The government rakes in about 4 trillion dollars a year in tax revenue and that doesn’t include state and local taxes. The people of this country and this country as a whole would be better off if we weren’t in 8 offensive wars giving the pentagon and the military industrial complex half of that revenue. If we weren’t giving billions to the greedy oil industry or subsidizing the pharmaceutical industry and on and on with all the wasteful spending. For some reason some Americans can’t see this obvious fleecing of America because they are too busy worrying about what they don’t want other people to have. Focus on the bigger picture Daniel son. Quit focusing on what the propaganda news networks keep feeding you is the problem.

Personalized Warning Witch Property Custom Flag

LMAO … Personalized Warning Witch Property Custom Flag For Pete’s sake? Who says that still?. Right? Create jobs correcting the climate and creating a better energy structure, rather than wallowing in the greedy nihilistic mess we have right now.. Bernie’s focus being the future of the planet and not the supremacy of America and the need for the US to dominate…. Very radical!. Thank you, Bernie! “Globally” is the magic word here! We will have to get rid of the ideas of ownership (capitalism), nations, and borders in order for this to work though. So the words “jobs, workers, and class” probably shouldn’t be used anymore. Maybe words like “global community contributors” would be better words to use?. Let’s HEAL ourselves. I’m so tired of referring to everything as a fight or a war in our violence ridden culture. It matters what we say and how we say it. Also, thank you… I appreciate all that you do, are doing and have done for us.

Personalized Warning Witch Property Custom Flag

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