Philadelphia eagles filter face mask

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I still dont understand why this is possible in the first place and why, once discovered, the people responsible arent banned from all state and federal assistance. They are the same crooks whispering into Trump’s ear about getting the economy reopened even though it would be devastating to the population. Philadelphia eagles filter face mask. My son was denied a small business loan from the government because his credit was too good and he could qualify for a bank line of credit at higher interest rate.

Philadelphia eagles filter face mask

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They avoid mutual fund and stock wash rules, take a huge piece of their clients gain and pay capital gains rate which is lower than income and dividend rates. It must be stopped. Our leaders are complacent and do not represent us. Anyone dealing in hedge funds or other fantastical financial instruments should be jailed. Philadelphia eagles filter face mask. All the republican folks I know just take marching orders from trump. They just listen to what he says. This is the governors fault in their opinion. Could never be trumps fault. This is not what the relief package was meant to do. Those that are now allowing this have only greed in their hearts. This money was to help the mom and pop companies, bars, restaurants, small town businesses, etc. The zoos and museums and hospitals need funds. Hedge funds were always a risky business, like insurance companies. Just because they took a hit on the stock market is no reason for them to be bailed out. They are not as important as the businesses which employ our people in the trades and essentials. Hedge funds are not essential to the welfare of the country.

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