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My local franchised McDonald’s pays their workers like $11 which is above minimum wage. Guess what? They are fast, efficient and I’ve only had one or two orders wrong in the last ten years. They also have a low turnover rate because the same people have been there for years. They deserve a living wage at $15.. Wow, a Harvard Business graduate with 25 years of experience gets paid more than an entry level employee with no applicable education or marketable skills?!? The HORROR. We should set a maximum wage a CEO can be paid relative to minimum wage they pay their lowest paid employee (or subcontractor… otherwise they’ll drive through that loophole). It can still be a big number, but if you set a ratio then it’s in the CEO’s best interest to raise wages.. It takes probably 5 generation of families in places like Africa to make what Bernie makes in a Month! He’s greedy too! Phoebe oh my eyes my eyes poster

Phoebe oh my eyes my eyes poster

What exactly has a regular McDonald’s employee done to earn the same pay grade as the CEO Bernie?? If you want corporate level money, put in corporate level work! Make yourself valuable. So sick and tired of your idiotic business mindset. People like you are what is wrong with this country. “Make me equal, but I don’t want to do anything to help”. Over here acting like someone who puts cheese on a burger should be paid the same or close to someone running a multi million dollar operation. Coming from the guy who had a income of 1.1 million last year for doing NOTHING. Fly a kite . Maybe it is time for people to set their sights higher than trying to make ends meet at McDonalds. Oops – you elitists decided you could make more money if you sent all the good jobs to China – I think we need new leaders! Phoebe oh my eyes my eyes poster

Phoebe oh my eyes my eyes poster

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