Physical Therapy Poster

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Jacoby you are the opposite of selfless. Physical Therapy Poster. You’re missing the big guy’s basics Little J. best pray to learn the humble way.

Physical Therapy Poster

Physical Therapy Poster - A4
Poster – A4
Physical Therapy Poster - A3
Poster – A3
Physical Therapy Poster - A2
Poster – A2

Jacoby has nothing to so with jesus, more to do with someone being confused about what they are, and having a mental illness. I probably would never have seen this picture had it not been for someone complaining that it hurt their sensibilities. Now it’s all over the internet. Well done Malcontent. Well done. It’s unnatural! I don’t care what year it is, I don’t care what they do in private, just don’t shove it in our faces. It will never be normal no matter how much they want to push it. We are animals, and this behavior has been around in every society through history. Why does it bother you seeing people kiss. Physical Therapy Poster. Thorn nature has has nothing to do with animals then. So animals aren’t natural? Can you think your argument through a tiny tiny bit before you post something. Which animal species have gay lifestyles? I’ve never seen two bulls having sex? Have you ever seen two bull elephants having sex on National Geographic? Amelia Thorn okay? Turn the TV off then. If something is on the TV that you do not like, turn it off. That is how the television works. You are not forced to watch any of it. Thorn well actually homosexuality is found in many species, not just humans, so unfortunately it is perfectly natural. Homosexuality has been a thing among humans and other animals since the dawn of time. But your holy book that has been re written and re translated numerous times over the years “tells” you differently so of course you’re going to ignore the facts.

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