Pianist Piano Keys Mug

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Pianist Piano Keys Mug. Order now before lose it forever.



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I was just saying someone should invent a ring that sounds an alarm when it gets close to your face. Pianist Piano Keys Mug. I chopped both my hands off, which is not an easy thing to do without help, but I’m safe now.

Pianist Piano Keys Mug

Pianist Piano Keys Mug - white
Mug – white

I typed this with my feet, which also was not easy. Remember folks, people have survived the coronavirus. Of course you wouldn’t know that if you followed the mainstream media. My daughter always took the paper towel she dried with her to exit the public bathroom to grab the handle which for the many that do not wash after using…..good practice then as now. Pianist Piano Keys Mug. This is huge. I do it way too much. I noticed this today while I was out shopping, knowing my hands were on the dirty cart handle. Couldn’t do it when if you cut off my hands. Allergies cause constant itching and runny eyes. I’d crawl out if my skin if I couldn t rub or wipe. Second challenge: surviving taking a shot everytime you see or hear the word coronavirus. Bottoms up guys. Fear is your friend. It’s a survival mechanism meant to make you aware and vigilant. Panic and denial will have negative outcomes. Fear is a survival mechanism that is supposed to last only long enough to take correct action… I’ve guestimated the “5-second rule” but when it becomes a “way of life” then it defeats its own purpose: to protect for survival. Meaning you cannot survive in continuous trauma or being hyper-vigilant. Fear is a good thing in the right portions and people should fear this virus.

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