Pig american flag face mask

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In our state, it your try hard enough, people are getting unemployment, salon owners included. Pig american flag face mask. In my state we are feeding children and families as well.

Pig american flag face mask

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Her little act of defiance, ripping up a cease and desist letter was enough for me to not feel much sympathy. Pig american flag face mask. If she was really desperate for money, she would have apologized and admitted her wrong. Instead, she opted for jail time. Seems like she was lying. If our government was providing the kind of financial assistance other countries are providing for their citizens, no one like her would have to risk their health and the health of others to feed their families. That’s what people should be protesting – that corporations were bailed out but many, many regular folks are not receiving what they need. What in the world are you talking about? Why wouldn’t she be able to wear gloves? Why wouldn’t she be able to control the occupancy of her shop? I can understand your sympathy of wanting to feed your families but for many years when minorities broke the law to “feed their families”, the Republicans never provided the same compassion. Instead, it was “you broke the law, you do the time.” what about thousands of other parents who are out of work due to having “non-essential” jobs and struggle to feed their children? They do not have the option to come to work, even if it breaks the law. So you tell me whether her actions were selfish. sure if you want to break the law, opt to spread the virus to all of her customers and they spread it to other people and then have to close the entire state down longer, now you go figure that out.

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