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Joe Arpaio, do you intend to personally drive your grandchildren to the military recruitment center? Pinano Knowledge Poster. They should have the opportunity to be cannon fodder.

Pinano Knowledge Poster

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Poster – A4
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Poster – A3
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It’s the American way. But one can expect that a person like you, who killed your own mother would be a psychopath too. Joe Arpaio Soleimani was no stateless outlaw like Bin Laden. This U.S. action sets us on a dangerous path of escalation. Iraq has 35 million citizens who have never sent any terrorist to the world like Saudi Arabia. Our people only want peace. I thought you were when you burned me. And you danced like devil over my remains. Pinano Knowledge Poster. And you let me the banners remind me. Darkness of the sun in the clouds. Do you think you have hidden my identity? My history and beliefs are erased. In vain you are trying ? To destroy revolutionaries. I like the resurrection one day. Pam Galliway nowhere in your incoherent misspelled ramblings did any of it make any sense! We are all now a little less intelligent just by reading it! Why don’t you go over ? Don’t ask someone to do something you won’t do, Troll. And no, I would be exempt. Asthma just like Joe Biden and his exemption from the draft. What Americans life’s did Trump save cause I guess a war he just started will lead to more Americans dying. Have ya not watched any news besides your fake news lately? You better wake the hell up and look outside in the real world. What do you know about dictators, when was the last time you lived in a dictatorship? I have, and from my experience the Democrats are the ones acting and talking like dictators.

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