Pink floyd hawaiian shirt

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We also need a President who will not succumb to political pandering and stand up for our men and women in blue who risk their lives every day to protect their communities. Supporting reform in Police Departments where it is needed is a positive move toward change. Pink floyd hawaiian shirt. Declaring open season on every officer and failing to support those departments with an exemplary history is wrong

Pink floyd hawaiian shirt

Pink floyd hawaiian shirt - detail
shirt – detail

They are not attacking police officers that are being “exemperally” they are looking at the cops that have multiple excessive force complaints. There are too many of these along with the 10 largest police departments paying damages to people and we don’t even hear about it then. Pink floyd hawaiian shirt. The police union acknowledged that over 1 billion dollars was paid out last year for excessive force and unlawful death claims. That is only in our 10 largest forces, and that is billion with a B. And people think this doesn’t deserve addressing? Defunding is a misleading term, in the case that it’s being used is. To make certain problems now being handled by police to be handled by different agencies ie, drug addiction and mental illness.

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