Pink guy shirt and v-neck

Do you want it? Pink guy. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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If it doesn’t make sense..turn off the news and go outside and ask the birds if anything is different with the world.. Pink guy. They’ll probably say the humans are acting strange.

Pink guy shirt

Pink guy v-neck
Pink guy tank top
tank top
Pink guy longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee

LOL yes “57,000,000 people died worldwide in 2015″… due to all causes, not a friggin pandemic. If you do a little more reading and looking… the world death rate has continued to drop. Stop trying to lie with stats. I highly doubt that you are as helpful to your fellow citizens as you speak or you would not be a Cheeto McTweeto supporter. Cheryl Michelle Really? Please cite these studies you know of. Because, if you cannot, you are lying. Pink guy. Please prove you are not a weak-minded liar and show us links to these studies. We are all waiting.. That means 160,000 people died every single day worldwide. Did you know that last year in Florida by this time of the year more than 122,000 died from various causes? So don’t come in here with insulting comments when clearly the numbers say there is nothing new. Actually Mask are not designed to keep you 100 per cent safe from Covid-19, they are there to protect others from the wearer who may not know they have the Virus.. why would you not wear the mask? In 2015 HMA sued Florida patients for unpaid medical bills then turned around and claimed them to the federal government as indignant. In 2018 Healthcare Corporations around the nation sued the Trump administration for his mandate on a price transparency sheet.

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