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I see new home construction going on in Page Co. Pit Bull I Love Mom. Va. for the last 2 years too.

Pit Bull I Love Mom

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Pit Bull I Love Mom sweatshirt

Nothing was built during Obama years. Josh, we should build houses on every mountain to till all the trees are gone down in Chattanooga..and why stop there..let’s take down the Smokey Mountains National Forest so we can call it a success..and take out Cades Cove and make it a Monument to Mr. Trump..He’s the greatest!! That’s because the jobs of carpenter, electrician, and plumber have been losing people for years. The average age of a plumber is 50+. That is true all over the Nation. It has absolutely nothing to do with Con-trump. It’s because the Republican housing crash of 2007-08 has been in repair for the last ten years. A Collins yes, because there had been a huge drop right before that. Pit Bull I Love Mom. Things tend to bounce back up dramatically. If it weren’t for his policies things would have improved much faster. The housing crash was because of the ballooning interest rates that started under Clinton and continued when dems ran the house during the Bush administration. Since house is in charge of the purse (spending) it was not entirely Bush’s fault. There is some development going on around Chatt, but tbh, its mostly investors buying up old early 1900’s houses around downtown and surrounding areas, demolishing those, then rebuilding in the same footprint. Again, not to say there’s not some deforestation. But it’s definitely poppin off down here. We’ve got EPB too, which if I’m not mistaken, is probably the best internet in the country. We’ve got tons of tech companies moving in because of it. It’s just flat out booming around this tri state area.

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