Pitbull To all my haters face mask

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I work in a supermarket in a poorer area and I see daily that people are not adhering to social distancing. Pitbull To all my haters face mask. Since the lock down has been eased slightly people are in groups and having parties.

Pitbull To all my haters face mask

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I have a family member who also work in poorer communities helping and doing charitable work and she also sees this and it is widely reported too. And to think FCUK the virus then is absolutely a stupid comment. My partner works in a hospital and the also has friends working in hospitals up and down the country. Also report that the virus us worse than reported on the news. So yes I am scared as we both put our lives on the line daily going to work and doing our daily job. So when i rant how stupid people are, I see it daily. Pitbull To all my haters face mask. Does not matter what area you live in, rich, middle or poor, anyone can get it, regardless of which supermarket or shop worked in I personally have even seen the staff who do online shopping completely ignore social distancing, with colleagues and customers. don’t know what news you watch, but are they showing fake ICU in the documentaries? Fake reports of people having had it? Saying exactly how it is? Fake number of deaths in hospitals and number of people in ICU? All this fuss about masks. What about all the great responsible non hand washing British public that existed before this pandemic? It always repulsed and astonished me how many that would exit a public toilet without washing hands, in restaurants or anywhere else. Basic cleanliness you teach a child but missing with around 50% of adult population it would seem.

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