Pittsburgh Steelers filter face mask

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Two in my family have it. Pittsburgh Steelers filter face mask. Four of my friends have it.

Pittsburgh Steelers filter face mask

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Four of my friends lost a parent or grandparent. Pittsburgh Steelers filter face mask. One friend lost both their parents. Their fear isn’t irrational. Their fear became reality. They would gladly sacrifice “living life freely” to have their loved ones back and to prevent that same grief from happening to someone else. You won’t get that until it happens to you. For you.. it just happens to other people. Someone else should sacrifice their loved one so you can live freely. Ted Rodriguez ….MOURNING IN AMERICA! America’s death toll is now 82,000. Yesterday, 2129 Americans were killed by COVID-19. By Month’s end, more than 100K Americans will have died from Coronavirus. Trump lurches between declaring the “war” against the virus is over and washing his hands of any responsibility for the on-going slaughter of Americans by the virus. Trump’s gross negligence has made America a horrible hunting ground for the virus, where it has killed more people by far than any other nation. The on-going mass deaths are a national disaster, an historic tragedy. Massive deaths and sickness have also caused mass unemployment, with about 30 million Americans now unemployed. Mourning in America is now everyday. Please stay as safe as possible. Sadly, over the past few decades, both parties and both sides of the media have been able to get too many people to buy and drink their flavor of Kool-Aid, only it’s just different flavors of the same brand and both flavors are making the real American economy and the economic future of the American people sick.

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