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Sharon Dodge  · 42:49This man’s voice with such compassion and humor. A man of men. 11 . Hope Varnedoe  · 17:28Congratulations Obamas. You two are an example of what we all, as Americans, should be.8 . Mupanga Mwanakatwe  · 47:14This man is the epitome of humanity and served his country, as well as the world, with distinction. Thank you President Obama 16 . Raphiele Mpille  · 46:10The best president Americans has ever had congratulation Obama. We love you 11 . Kick Carter  · 49:14The Obamas = The Best In Decency, Statesmanship, Humanity. A True Lady & A Gentleman. Proud Of You. 13 . Marsha Herman-Betzen  · 45:46It is so nice to have the opportunity to share this historic groundbreaking with the best. Thank you.9 . Lari Averbeck  · 48:56I miss this beautiful soul as a leader. Thank you for coming to us again!12 . Tamra Martin  · 9:10Thank you for everything including showing grace when hate was around 11  Pittsburgh Steelers For Life Sport Cap For Fan

Pittsburgh Steelers For Life Sport Cap For Fan

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Luz Espinosa  · 44:12Watching from Winnipeg Canada. Love so much Pres. Barack & Michelle Obama 8 . Gretchen R Chateau  · 53:29So therapeutic to hear his voice of reason and intelligence again.15 . Rhonda Page-West  · 57:19Watching from an Indigenous community here in Queensland Australia Mr ex President is one of the greatest that’s passed through the Whitehouse doorsawesome and congrats to you both 9 . Beryl Walker  · 30:31Michelle and President Obama will forever be my favorites 8 . Frances Moriana Ginty  · 19:51Miss you and Michelle sooo much. God bless you President and First Lady Obama16 . Leif Klingberg  · 25:29I am not an American but I have closely followed US for a lot of years now and I have served with US soldiers in combat, Barack and Michelle is one of the best president couple I have ever seen 10 . Michelle Paterniti  · 56:48My forever president Thank you for your continued leadership!10  Pittsburgh Steelers For Life Sport Cap For Fan

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Wayne S. Williams  · 56:23Great to hear this great President. It’s like tuning on a light in a dark room. 15 . Yousuf Al-Mamun  · 55:25Thinker, philosopher, leadera perfect human being.9 . Melinda McDonald Hefner  · 17:09I can’t adequately express how grateful I am for President and Ms. Obama. Our country and the entire world is made infinitely better by your being in it. 38 . Marian West  · 37:18Congratulations! The Obamas are loved, admired and respected all over the world! 30 . Chrystal Belle  · 11:48This is wonderful! Thank you POTUS and FLOTUS for your contributions to making America and the world a better place! 8 . Kim Mettenbrink  · 10:44Thank you President Obama and Michelle. Not perfect people, but both are people of honor, hope and inspiration. May God protect and bless them and their family. 13 . Mary Robin Hamilton  · 30:36Thank you for your inspiration and dedication to American history, the present and a future built on dreams and equality for ALL 14

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