Pittsburgh Steelers NFL American Flag Leather Pattern Bedding Set


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Pittsburgh Steelers NFL American Flag Leather Pattern Bedding Set A duvet is a type of bedding consisting of a soft flat bag filled with either down, feathers, wool, cotton, silk, or a synthetic alternative, and is typically protected with a removable cover, analogous to a pillow and pillow case. Sleepers often use a duvet without a top bed sheet, as the duvet cover can readily be removed and laundered as often as the bottom sheet. Duvets originated in rural Europe and were filled with the down feathers of ducks or geese. The best quality feathers are taken from the eider duck, which is known for its effectiveness as a thermal insulator.

The word duvet is of French origin, meaning “down”. Its first known mention in English came in 1759, when Samuel Johnson used it in one of The Idler series of essays.[1] In Australian English, a duvet is also called a doona. In American English, it may be called a comforter; however, a comforter is usually a slightly different type of bedding that is not as thick, does not have a cover, and is often used over a top sheet.

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Records show the earliest duvets were made in China, around 3000 B.C. From Viking times, duvets of eider down were used by people on the northern coast of Norway. From the 16th century, wealthy people all over Europe began buying and using such duvets. In the 17th century, Paul Rycaut was among the first to try and market the duvet in England. In the story The Princess and the Pea, published in 1835, H.C. Andersen wrote about a princess lying on 10 eiderdown duvets.

In the mid-18th century, Thomas Nugent, an Englishman on a grand tour then passing through Westphalia, observed with surprise:

There is one thing very particular to them, that they do not cover themselves with bed-clothes, but lay one feather-bed over, and another under. This is comfortable enough in winter, but how they can bear their feather-beds over them in summer, as is generally practised, I cannot conceive.[2]

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