Pivot Shut Up Friends shirt and longsleeve tee

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I personally advise you to choose a better country to live, I advise you: Russia, China, Korea, etc, please do it! Pivot Shut Up Friends. Chapman on your page you say trump is going to be the first president to be impeached and get re-elected.

Pivot Shut Up Friends

Pivot Shut Up Friends sweatshirt
Pivot Shut Up Friends longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
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Um. I guess you never heard of Bill Clinton. Shows how much you know. Derp. I wonder in the future when this all written in history books how many people will proudly say I supported that man that destroyed this country. Or if everyone will say they knew he was a fraud. Trump is a mad tweeter dog, corrupt mob boss and a danger to world democracy. Trump impeached.. now in his books. Pivot Shut Up Friends. A true patriot doesn’t defend Russia.. Or can I assume you don’t care of Russia shoots down another plane over Ukraine with 298 Americans on board? The House voted to impeach him. He’s now impeached. Full stop. It now goes to the Senate to decide if he’s to be removed. He probably won’t be, but he’s still been impeached. There seems to be some confusion in the comments here. The Senate doesn’t have a say in impeachment, only removal. He will forever be the third president in history to be impeached. Nothing can change that fact. His supporters don’t seem to understand he has trashed the constitution and he is destroying our country and planet with his policies. Danny Darcy without a witness or facts! So history will record this as direct HATE with no evidence! They used the exact rules that the republicans set in place when they impeached Clinton… stop with the lies and propaganda.

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