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Remember Trump used to own the ‘Miss Universe’ equivalent and deliberately walk in on half-naked contestants. Pocket Baby Yoda. What Sad Adullah said is probably spot on.

Pocket Baby Yoda

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This is actually correct. That’s the reason. It’s a sexist event; it’s trash. It isn’t about empowering women, it’s about putting women on display for the male gaze, period. he’s not wrong, basically only there to appeal to those that find them attractive, same as the male ones for women. I think Sad Adullah is actually providing an explanation why this outdated ‘entertainment’ does what it does rather than justifying it’s continuation, just my opinion. And what if if the young woman was raped, and decided not to abort but to keep and raise the baby? You know nothing about her based solely on her age and whether she’s had a child. Pocket Baby Yoda. And, more to the point in this circumstance, how does having a child negatively impact her beauty? And, how does her beauty alone make her a role model? I salute the young single mum but when she joined the beauty pageants and not to mention about her son for the first place that is bad. She knows the rules for the first place and She need to follow the rules. It is both unfair on the child and her family to take the mother away from home for the year whilst she travels the globe helping charity causes for children. Purves my mum was also single young mum that’s why I salute them but to be role model to the young girls around the world should be not like that. Brave Man you seem to have a thing for young girls. Do the Police know?

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