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Diane JanovyakNothing like putting words in MLK mouth… I doubt of MLK would ever say that because he was for unity not the segregation that the Dems are pushing in everything. 14 . CJ KillmeyerYou do realize that if you get rid of the filibuster, then when the Republicans take control over the Senate then your agenda will die as well and they’ll be able to do anything they want without your approval. . Sam MartinWe must et rid of politicians demanding to get rid of the filibuster. 2 . Robert BowlingAt least get rid of the procedural filibuster, make those ancient relics get up in the stage and read Dr Seuss for twelve hours. . Josh GSCan we also get rid of Joe Manchin?7 . Top FanCameron FayramThat could really haunt you in 2022 and years beyond.2 . Nathaniel ManleyWe do need to get rid of the filibuster also get rid of the notion that either parties leadership wants to help the people of the country. I love you Bernie and know you are a good man that cares about people but you are in the extreme minority the line to take corporate money is long. Until we get rid of big money influence nothing good will happen. 4  Pokémon charizard card rug carpet

Pokémon charizard card rug carpet

Kenneth OhlThe Democrats are the majority in the Senate only because the Dems have theWhite House with Kamala to break a tie. To claim that they are representing a majority of the people is ridiculous. They are representing their own interest to create a one party system with them in control.1 . Top FanIrene LarssonLooking from outside, I don’t think the filibuster is the problem.The problem is that you only have two parties, and the main goal for the parties seems to be blocking the other partys bills, no matter what it is.… See More1 . Paul CitroThere are a lot of people who don’t want rule by the majority of the American people. I am not advocating this. I am just stating a fact.3 . Top FanDan FreemanCongressman Rick Larsen, Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, What are you doing to help end the filibuster? . Eugene L. AleciThis was obvious to MLK and many Americans 50 yrs ago.1  Pokémon charizard card rug carpet

Pokémon charizard card rug carpet

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