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Income inequality in an advanced consumer economy creates a major problem. Only through debt can the vast majority maintain consumption at the required level. Much of 1% income/wealth becomes captlital or investment but there is not enough opportunities to use this liquidity. Pokemon filter face mask. Two things among many happen…debt loads can not be sustained and equities become a balloon. See the great depression, see 2008, see what was emerging before covid-19 became a black swan event. Even mainstream economics recognizes “economic rent” that is unearned income that is the product of monopoly or other non market factors.

Pokemon filter face mask

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The same reason why I am concerned about you driving drunk in my city: it has severe potential consequences for me, my family and my fellow citizens. Libertarian-ism may make for bad books about “Randy” architects, but it isn’t going to give us a shared belief system under which we will dwell successfully. Pokemon filter face mask. What someone else makes or how they spend it has absolutely nothing to do with you. You didn’t make it, you didn’t earn it, its none of your business regardless of how many loony economic theories you conger up. You have no claim to anyone’s labor, if you believe you do, then you can enslave that person. Good luck and stay well in these challenging times!

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