Police blue lives matter face mask

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It ain’t gonna happen anytime soon Joe Biden. At least the sdny case can go forward. SCOTUS seems to protect the integrity of the election by not allowing us to see anything until it’s over. I suggest we start your presidency by examining kavanaugh for impeachment. Police blue lives matter face mask. The real corruption trials are going to begin after the Trump family is out of the White House so they start investigating how are all the members of the family acting as Us official Representatives have profited all over the world at Trump properties causing Nations and leaders to believe they will get favor with the United States by investing in the Trump properties wait till you see what comes out of that

Police blue lives matter face mask

Police blue lives matter face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Trump is President. Not H Clinton or Hunter Biden. This is about HIS corruption and incompetence, and obvious indebtedness to foreign advisary. (Enemies) . Grow up admit you were fooled. Time for a change so someone who actually cares can whip this virus and bring us together enough to get back on track. Police blue lives matter face mask. Trump has been a disaster. Only reason I want to see is tax returns is to see if he is getting money from other countries to do their bidding! His foreign policy has not benefitted any Americans but himself. Its not important that the public actually see Trump’s tax record. The win part here is that Trump has been allowed to get away with ignoring every standard set by every former President before him. He has been allowed to freely ignore the law and violate the Constitution for far to long. Things Trump has said and done sets a very low standard for future Presidents. His relationship with Putin alone puts national security at risk and his pulling away from America’s long time allies – weakens us. No the public does not need to see his tax records, what we need is for Trump to be removed from the White House.

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