Pooh Bear Dallas Cowboys Shirt, Sweatshirt And Tank Top

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Keep in mind folks, bottom-up politcal revolution was never just about electing Bernie. Bernie told us after he lost in 2016 that since the establishment is in our way, we have to elect thousands of Berniecrats running for down-ballot races like congress, state and local offices, and party leadership seats. Pooh Bear Dallas Cowboys. This is how we displace the establishment and gain leverage to win at the top. Filing periods are here now for candidates to run! Help those who run but also consider running with inspiration from Bernie.

Pooh Bear Dallas Cowboys Shirt

Pooh Bear Dallas Cowboys Sweatshirt
Pooh Bear Dallas Cowboys Women V-neck

Thus funds for food & necessities can be directed directly to every US citizen via their S.S. No. and filling an application for financial assistance The amount allocated depends on what the GOP has determined as the average income of an American person is:…Let’s say: $ 47,000.00 and the IRS reports about 35% required for food and necessities which would be: $ 1,371.00 a month per person. Pooh Bear Dallas Cowboys. Yes I know… What about all the essential service persons who will be required to remain at work? They will retain their current pay and also receive the reset funds as a bonus (they are risking their life’s). Their employers business operating expenses will be reimbursed by/monthly by their States emergency funds which will be tallied up and billed to the Federal Government. Profit and investment gain are suspended while this pandemic is in effect to allow humans to survive this ordeal and avoid a “Human Depression” that is unrecoverable for the vast majority of Americans. Should we push the Button?

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