Pooh Bear Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt, Tank Top And V-neck

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Pandemic Reset Button: Imagine being able to stop the progression of bills from Feb. 1, 2020 until…COVID 19 is under control… In pushing this reset no commercial bail-outs are allowed, only carbon life forms (people) that require food, shelter & utilities to survive will receive monetary infusions to maintain life. Pooh Bear Pittsburgh Steelers. Large commercial enterprises won’t. The Airlines aircraft won’t die nor will the their terminals and computer systems. They’ll be right where they left them (without the additional hours of service…bonus)! The banks money won’t spend it’s self nor will it’s building and computer systems disappear, only the employee’s could parish.

Pooh Bear Pittsburgh Steelers Shirt

Pooh Bear Pittsburgh Steelers Long Sleeved Shirt
Long Sleeved Shirt
Pooh Bear Pittsburgh Steelers Tank Top
Tank Top

The Stock Market is a private “Pay-to-Play” game that is separate from our countries budget, as when it falls two thousand points the GOP doesn’t look to the DOD for a refund to cover this shortfall. Nor should the Casino’s require any bailout as their buildings will remain as beautiful and grand after several months of closure while all those people who service them will not. But what of their CEO’s & Shareholders investment? When the reset button is pushed, profit aspects & expenses are suspended leaving their assets no greater or worse off during this crisis. Pooh Bear Pittsburgh Steelers. The sole purpose of this reset is the preservation of people not brick & mortar or profit margins. Instead of Trillions being given to bail-out large corporations, Billions can directed to all our citizenry who have no means to produce an income. Thus; rent and mortgages will be frozen allowing landlords the ability to avoid foreclosure by their lending institutions and these institutions will then write-off the lost profit. Utilities will follow suit during this period of time with “non payment of service”, state reimbursement for material costs and tax write-offs.

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