Post malone rick and morty poster

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As premiums are expected to jack up 40% according to news. We went form 30 to now 80 million currently who are uninsured in our country. This is a disgrace !!! Our new realities are difficult for 4 or if 5 Americans. I never thought I would see such a historical event. Post malone rick and morty poster. Journal using this time is a great idea. Have your kids put up their perspective and let us all put them in a time capsule. It just heard the evil one may not allow open enrollment. And Medicare medi cal. Medicare for all in Spain and Italy are not stopping the coronavirus. Please live in the real world. People are smart.

Post malone rick and morty poster

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enator Sanders, you got my vote. You had it in the primary, and you’ll have it in the general, even if I have to write you in. You’re one of the few who genuinely get it and have the best interests of us, the people, at heart. I’m so glad you haven’t thrown in the towel yet, but I wouldn’t have blamed you for having done so. It’s a shame the candidate who’s defending the average guy and gal is likely not to get the nomination. Shame on all the establishment clowns who used dirty tricks to scare voters away from Bernie. Post malone rick and morty poster. And the low information voters who listen to crooks like James Clyburn and voted for creepy Joe. I swear all Joe Biden is doing is Finger waving at the president and he ain’t listening, at least Bernie fought to have that turd Lindsay Graham and the other 3 republican jerks who were trying to uphold the bill. Bravo Bernie, keep fight for us. And don’t let Joe weasel his way out of another debate.

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