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That is a State holiday and Cesar was an American born and bred. So don’t forget these important State holidays either. Post office rules tree poster. Like tomorrow (April 2nd) is Pascua Florida Day and National Tartan Day on April 6th honoring Americans of Scottish descent, and no race-baiting Democrat should ever forget April 16th Emancipation Day to garner a vote. And Who’s fault is it that we’re in this Crisis ? Good question you should. Ask your President. his been their. For. How long. What can we do to help the Homeless. And what’s happening with the Families and children that are in cages with all. That’s going on with this Covid. 19 crises. Who’s helping Them.

Post office rules tree poster

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I like you and plan to vote for you but you best start being more visible in spite of social distance. Trump is closing the gap and you cannot sit on your Laurels. Everyday he stands up in those supposed press conferences and lie but uses it like a virtual televised rally. Get busy. What about all the chemicals, pesticides and other contaminants these people are exposed to all the time? Post office rules tree poster. Admitting to that will never happen because of the money that is made by corporate farms. The lies that are told to the rest of the population who consume these deadly substances everyday. If you think this is overkill, well, I am sure you are wrong. Thank you for shinning the light on Cecar Chavez a great man – his life and his work for the migrants should be part of our American history. He is only one of many Hispanic heroes.

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