Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend. Order now before lose it forever.


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Robin MicheleRelocate all the homeless to the neighborhoods of Nancy Pelosi and Gavin Newsom… They should have to deal with what I deal with every single day! Maybe then the problem will be fixed. and we can help our own citizens!68 . Mark G. CooperYou’re a Democrat so I don’t trust you.5 . Mike McNiffCongratulations Dr. Weber, one of my professors at SDSU!17 . Jo GrothWell that’s scary if she is a model for the nation. Look at California 1 . Phyllis Du GasBravo Bravo! Shirley is the TRUTH! This woman has so much integrity. She will be confirmed and she will do a great job. Yes yes yes!4 . Jerry RogersWhy are you, governor, on the list as a member of the Chinese Communist Party? What is your explanation for your treason?14 . Elizabeth SelbyBarf…another politically correct pick. Wtg! . Jen LarkinExcellent pick!! 8 . Edmund ExleyYour social media team went to work quick to put together that little thing on Dr. Weber. At least I’m glad she’s not able to draft any more crappy legislation.11  Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend

Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend

Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend
Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend 2
Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend 1

Shilo AmmonsI can’t wait for her to certify your recall 3 . Peter StairIf California is a model for the nation, then America is going to hell.26 . Susan Lassiter-LyonsI love my state and Governor. 4 . Frank MaxlerIf Newsom endorses her then clearly she is the not the right candidate!!42 . Floyd StaggsI don’t care what her color is or what gender she is as long as she will write honest ballot issues that don’t confuse the voters.2 . Paul DietschRacism has sure dampened your success.1 . Lus PedrazaMore corrupt democrats. Recall Newsom 34 . Paul DietschAssemblywoman Shirley Weber, a Democrat from San Diego who wrote the bill, said the study would reiterate California’s history of abetting slavery, even as it joined the union as a “free state” in 1850. I didn’t know I abetted slavery.1 . Mike ShraderWe love our state but hate what the Democratic politicians are doing to it!12  Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend

Poster Pitbull Girl Therapist Best Friend

How are facts based on statistics fear tactics?. What are the actual numbers, not percentages…. If there is one and it goes to 2… that is a 100% increase….. Every Dec the ICU capacity in Calif drops to around 10%, how is this year different….. I know all the nurses and doctors are crying out to the better than thou to be told to.protect one’s self during a global pandemic. 70 million ignorant as we watch how they”re beonh.Brought up. Shut down Non Essential retail! People are out in public, refusing to mask up, refusing to keep their distance!. Thank you for all you do. Its a shame there it’s so much hate being spread. This is the time to work together, not divide.. The positivity percentage not continuing to climb is great news.. Obviously the masks are not working. Most people are wearing them.. Open everything up, Gavin.. *If you’re staying home, go the extra step and DONT have people over. Californians have the mask thing down. Now stop gathering so we can gather next year.

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