Programmer Samurai shirt, tank top and hoodie

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I’m a progressive. But it’s still not about us. You need to understand that. We have to win an election. This pie in the sky crap is not going to work. Trust me. Kamala Harris going to be the next President and Elizabeth Warren is going to be the Secretary of Treasury. Programmer Samurai. So either way they’re gonna have to deal with her in a MAJOR way.

Programmer Samurai

Programmer Samurai hoodie
Programmer Samurai v-neck
Programmer Samurai tank top
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Just like McCain,Kerry, Clinton. She’s not going to run out of Money she’s a senator from California. Her campaign may be low . But Hollywood has her back . You’re already seeing the Directors and producers starting to create superpacs . Not dreaming informing prisoners of the moment . Trump became President because he’s a celebrity just like Obama was the “celebrity President “. That’s why you don’t pay attention to polls . You pay attention to whose getting the most free media! Rosemarie Ives except Biden still can’t bring to his own mind any coherent thought, let alone remembering where is is at. Don’t hate the player hate the game. The tax law is the issue not the person who has figured out how to use it in his or her favor the best. Is her 53 trillion for Medicare for all, is that a yearly pop. Programmer Samurai. If it is , she break the rich and go after the middle class. Linda Kern First of all, she’s saying it’s trillion while others say $30 trillion. Not sure where you got $53 trillion. Second of all, that’s over 10 years, not per year. Marge Kolb that’s still 2 Trillion a year.

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