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I don’t understand how people believe it is wrong for someone to want to investigate the corruption we have video evidence of Biden committing? Psoas I Was Saying. Do you even realize the hypocrisy here?

Psoas I Was Saying

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You want trump convicted & impeached for crimes Biden admitted to doing in his vice presidency? Josh Kyle oh yes why don’t we investigate Trumps kids and there dealings across seas? First off what you seen was taken out of context probably watched it on Fox News! Second Biden took the proper chain of command and Wasn’t to advance in A election! Josh Kyle, why don’t you show everyone one the video you are babbling about? Go ahead we are waiting! It’s big of you to admit you don’t understand something that’s as simple as 2+2. Think of it this way: Biden did something illegal why hasn’t Trump’s DOJ announced an investigation? Psoas I Was Saying. Why hasn’t the DOJ gone to Ukraine law enforcement under the mutual legal treaty? If investigating the Bidens isn’t political, then why aren’t the investigations being announced regardless of impeachment? If fighting corruption was the point, why was Sondland and Volker’s statement on combating corruption for Zelensky to make, rejected by Giuliani unless it specified the Bidens? Joe Biden was given the job to root out corruption and withheld funds to get rid of a corrupt prosecutor that was protecting Burisma, and Biden did it on behalf of bipartisan congress, and the international banking community.Trump withheld funds to try and get a foreign nation to investigate his political rival based on a fake story, for the lone reason of enriching himself.

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