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Over a thousand lighting strikes sparks fires. Puerto rico hawaiian shirt. Really Govern Newsom that’s God talking u just order the churches to shut down.

Puerto rico hawaiian shirt

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U better ask pharaoh about holding Gods people back . A fire tornado and over a thousand lighting strikes that’s no coincidence Gover Newsom let my people Go. I feel for California’s homeless. There were enough of them before all of this. At least the influx won’t be Governor Newsom’s fault this time. Puerto rico hawaiian shirt. Prayers that everyone stays safe. your city has homelessness too and bc of the lazy senate we’re about to see a huge surge of evictions from a collapsing economy 50 million unemployed bc Trump has no plan for a pandemic.. stay ignorant. When people be making go fund me for Australia fires and celebrities donating millions of dollars to Australian fires why isn’t nobody doing that to California fires selfish rich people. California feeds this country feed the world as well makes America have a great economy as well so for the people who hate it just remember everything that you eat on your plate comes from California so they need think twice. bill is a man Monica is woman, Monika blew bill, bill happy did great job, Hillary ok, problem? Ouhhhhhhh u jealous, I see, text me. unfortunately I’m sure he’ll be released so because of bail and criminal justice reform by the dems. Fires all created by Bunker fuel deployments , Aerosol Dispersals and DEWS just like during the Paradise Fires. Many Californians know exactly what is going on that is yet another reason why MANY are leaving California.

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