Pug Girl You Are My Wings My Spirit Poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Pug Girl You Are My Wings My Spirit Poster. Order now before lose it forever.

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What were witnessing in Placer County is reprehensible. Your job is California. DO SOMETHING. Send in state agencies, shut down Destiny Church and LOCK UP GREG FAIRRINGTON! Pug Girl You Are My Wings My Spirit Poster (Yes. The Capitol thing is awful too. Just as bad, ok worse, I just needed a relevant post to comment on where I could shame you for abandoning the people of Placer). Gavin Newsom is a twatwaffle.. I would only repeat “Trump is poison”. Copied:. So is what’s going on in Calif with all of the jobs lost, businesses closed and controlling going on. Trump told thugs also that he loved them and that it was a stolen election that there was fraud and he won by a landslide encouraged mob to act. Where is all outrage when citizens were destroying Seattle, Portland, Long Beach, and many other American cities. These roaches burned and destroyed public buildings, businesses, personal property and on and on. Double standard. Hypocrisy to the max.

Pug Girl You Are My Wings My Spirit Poster

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Why did you delete your post from June encouraging people to “go out and protest and let their voices be heard”? Doesn’t fit your agenda now? You politicians are about to wake the sleeping giants… just wait for both sides to finally see that YOU and … See More. RESIGN. Go away.. Knock knock. Roflmao Pug Girl You Are My Wings My Spirit Poster This coming from one of the worst governors in history. . EFF YOU EFF YOU EFF YOU. Mr. Newsom, you’ve already suppressed peaceful demonstrations at the capitol. At that time, the demonstrators obeyed the CHP and dispersed. The underlying dissatisfaction with your overreaching policies and lack of action by the legislature have not di… See More. Carolyn Aranda Like  · Reply · 1w. Much like Democrats did all summer long lol . Margie Wisdom Like  · Reply · 1w. Hey Newsom, Worry about how you and Nancy are DESTROYING California and STFU.. Governor Gavin Newsom, this was an attempted coup. Not an assault, not a riot, an attempted coup. Many of the participants were law enforcement, law makers, the sons of judges, and they flashed badges to enter the US Capitol. We need to stop playing ni… See More

Pug Girl You Are My Wings My Spirit Poster

Go fuk ur aunt. YOU HAVE FAILED NEWSOM, GTFO AND LET SOMEONE QUALIFIED HANDLE THIS!!!. After Trump is out of office, I do hope you are next, Newsom. You support criminal activity. I can provide works cited for those willing to exit their echo chambers.. They said those over 65 can now get it but no info on how to register or where to go. Getting frustrated!. Get rid of Newsom and his corrupt, inept administration.. Gavin I just popped over to say thank you. . Hey Newson what’s your plan for all the free rent your giving out to commercial Tennants all last year and now you want to extend this free rent till Dec 2021 what about the landlords who have been left with carrying the Morgage on their building and t… See More. More doom and gloom from king Newsom no thanks!. Thank you for the update.

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