Pug let that shit go poster

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The Intentional Interference with the Peaceful, Seamless and Cooperative Transition of Power between Presidential Administrations. Which is the Glory of an American Republic. I will always remember the entire Congress, Dem. and Rep. standing on the capitol steps signing the national anthem after 9/11. Pug let that shit go poster. Under Donald we have seen mostly bitterness and division. We will not forget.

Pug let that shit go poster

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poster – A2
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The division already IS dangerous. Not only gun toting fools protesting then getting sick. But now forcing people back to work in many unsafe environments (meat packing). Allowing even a one person to die so he can improve the economy and get re-elected is a disgrace. And when is he going to say one compassionate word about the the nearly 90,000 dead… never. Pug let that shit go poster. There’s no point uniting with the Republican party if they cared Trump wouldn’t be POTUS although anyone who leaves Trump and his party should be welcomed into the DNC best wishes Joe Biden God bless you. Trump will continue to shift blames until he turn power over,Joe you’re our choice comes November, there will be no light,I mean no hope at all .Vote Joe Biden for the betterment of America.

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