Pug lovers filter face mask

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If people with compassion for a functioning government take charge I hope they can find a way to make progress without getting dragged down by the intense attack machine that will be suing the hell out of them at every turn. My small business isn’t getting a dime from the CARES Act. Pug lovers filter face mask. The legislation doesn’t include or provide relief for any businesses that don’t have employees. My wife and I are the owners and don’t count apparently. Great work Congress said no American small business owner.

Pug lovers filter face mask

Pug lovers filter face mask - Pic 2
Pug lovers filter face mask – Pic 2

This is where oversight is required. All the Trumper cabinet members have links to hedge funds. Wonder how many of them got money meant for main Street businesses. Socialism for the rich continues. Always changing the “Rules of the Game” to benefit themselves. Where’s that “risk taking” used to excuse their excesses of profit capture? Then tax time comes, the same deal  “we need MORE government support and be excused from paying our share of the bill” the realwelfare queens. Pug lovers filter face mask. This is what happens when you have no oversight as to how the money is distributed. Trump fired the IG who was supposed to do that so he and his rich cronies can screw us working class people again.

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