Pug take my hand canvas prints

Do you love it? Pug take my hand canvas prints.  Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.

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Pug take my hand canvas prints

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Avoidable human misery is more often caused not so much by stupidity as by ignorance, particularly our ignorance about ourselves. – Carl Sagan. Thank you for always leading by example. Its the truest way to lead! We need you more than ever to make sure our minority population that is at the greatest risk has role models to trust in the science and the process! Thank you!. Vaccine is a good thing, but while people are waiting for it, I believe pharmaceutical companies should also focus on a safe treatment for COVID that should be widely available. There has been too much emphasis on a vaccine.. Thank you for once again demonstrating what true leadership looks like. Good leaders demonstrate compassion, empathy, respect and care for their citizens and don’t spend the days playing golf and whining about elections they decisively lost.. I have auto-immunities and been stuck home since March. right now I’m being told I have to wait to see how they’re going to manage my possible reaction to the covid vaccine based off of other cases with my same auto-immunities… but I’m ready I’m like… See More Pug take my hand canvas prints

Pug take my hand canvas prints

The majority of Vietnamese people in America are still not believing this pandemic is real or serious! Smh* Shameful!. The lower the case rate is when mass vaccination occurs, the faster it will end community spread and the pandemic. These other measures don’t just buy us time, they help the vaccines do their work better!!. Masks and distancing after the vaccine too until cases diminish!:). So, why is it that if they represent “we the people” politicians put themselves at the front of the line for the vaccine, ahead of us?. I would as a front line health care worker but I can’t. They are going to maskless, denying super spreaders like Marco Rubio and his Ilk.. The vaccine is most helpful to our healthcare folks…not for them directly, but for us all, thereby easing the ballooning cases.. If you don’t have enough respect to mask-up for those around you, consider it a sign of respect for the health workers who will eventually treat you, if they are not overwhelmed!

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