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So is doing this during primaries and fighting to keep 3rd parties off the ticket.. Passing laws to make the voting process fair and back to pre-pandemic processes is exactly what we should be doing.. It’s the only way the Republicans can achieve their goal of a one party totalitarian government. It’s not only cynical and should be illegal, it’s shameful.. Mike Flynn has called for a military coup. We already have over 40 states trying to overthrow our Democratic Republic. Employees don’t get to vote on their executives. What makes anyone think it’s any different with the US government? Or should I say US of Amazon?. You and your constituents Democratic colleagues can change that. Circle the wagons and get rid of the filibuster!. Lisa Moore. Passing laws to make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase a firearm to protect themselves and their families during social unrest is beyond cynical — it should be illegal. Pumpkin happy halloween bedding set

Pumpkin happy halloween bedding set

it seems there are laws and punishments for the voters but only suggestions and lucrative payoffs for the elected representatives. The Republicans are continuing to promote their vision of America where most of us are just wage slaves.. I’d be in support of helping those in need get an ID, but no ID to vote? That is not a solution. How can you diminish the votes of American citizens by welcoming illegal votes? Every illegal vote nullifies the vote of an American citizen. That is voter disenfranchisement Mr. Sanders.. It is not a matter of just voter ID but ways to invalidate an election, placing the right political people in state elections, limiting times and places for voting or even ballot boxes. Jim Crow is so alive. If you can’t pass HR1 democracy is over in this country so you better focus on that even if it takes challenging Joe Manchin to a duel. Pumpkin happy halloween bedding set

Pumpkin happy halloween bedding set

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