Quilting Knowledge Poster

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Remember Thomas Paine. This president is a joke and does what he wants and embarrasses our country. Quilting Knowledge Poster. It’s way too late and I believe it’s time now to get rid of this clown !

Quilting Knowledge Poster

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Poster – A2
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Poster – A1

You think he’s an embarrassment, have you even paid attention to what he’s trying to get uncovered? Have ya heard of Obama? That’s just a few examples of embarrassing! Uh excuse me but isn’t this about a phone call transcript? Which is revealing nothing criminal to me. You guys remind me of my mother when she got mad about one thing but trailed off into everything we ever did to piss her off! I am guilty of doing this to my kids to. Quilting Knowledge Poster. It is about a phone call transcript in which the president attempted to extort the new president of a foreign nation in return for opposition research on a domestic opponent in a presidential election which is treasonous. It has been about this the entire time and is still about this. Stephanie Casella are you watching & listening to testimony of the witnesses the dems suppeoned? None of them heard the phone call, none of them heard the call and none of them believe aid was withheld. Are you listening? If you listen to Adam Schiff his opinions don’t matter, facts are not presumption! No witness has stated they heard president Trump say anything because they were not on the call and the call transcript shows no quid pro quo at all. The witnesses state they heard nothing! There is no facts to back up these accusations. If you allow this, you need to move to China, because that’s what goes on there, no due process, no facts, but you could be thrown in jail based on opinion of people or presumption! Our constitution guarantees us presumption of innocence until proven guilty! That is sadly escaping people here.

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