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Stout if you have information through the FOIA you can share it legally you know. Rabbit Knowledge Poster. Until then, youre just hot air telling others to research when trying to disprove an article.

Rabbit Knowledge Poster

Rabbit Knowledge Poster- 11x17
Poster- 11×17
Rabbit Knowledge Poster- 24x36
Poster- 24×36
Rabbit Knowledge Poster- 16x24
Poster- 16×24

The burden of proof lands on you for your accusations. I consider the BBC to be a reputable source. I’m not trying to disprove the article. I think it was fine. It did bother me to read that statement because it looked misleading. I know there are many in this country who are trying to figure out what’s what and things are already confusing. I respectfully posted my thoughts on the article as I’m entitled. I do express deep loathing and fear of President Donald Trump. But I was actually referring to the BBC with this one. Flattery is never so agreeable as to our blind side; commend a fool for his wit, or a knave for his honesty, and they will receive you into their bosoms. Sorry you have to work three jobs (not sorry). Rabbit Knowledge Poster. Maybe get a roommate or three or try whatever else needed to live within your means. Nothing in life is free. Thank god for free market capitalism. I would have done it the other way. Russia attacked and is attacking us. Russia’s leader is a known international mass murderer. No, I don’t make people like that my friend. Not my type. Or humanity’s type for that matter. I would have burried the info and let Democracy have a chance in Russia. More propaganda coming from Putin, at a time when Dump has been impeached and is in deep doings! Oh how coincidental is this news? All of what just vomited just proves you are a sad pathetic hater, cry baby and snowflake. Trump is your president, roll on 2020 for another victory. So you all can get triggered and suffer meltdowns again!

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