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Well, Bernie, you’d better find a way to collaborate with Joe because battling with him is not going to get Trump out of the White House. Raccoon Low Top Shoes. A united, focused, Democratic coalition certainly could and if the principal Democratic candidates could put their egos aside and form a Presidency and Cabinet it would be truly heroic.

Raccoon Low Top Shoes

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Shoes – Pic 1
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Shoes – Pic 2
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Shoes – Pic 3

Unless we have very solid following in Congress and in the Supreme Court, Bernie will no be able to accomplish much if elected. I like his platform and ideas. I wish we were socialist, but too many in the USA have identity problems “we are not European” and other totally irrelevant and silly beliefs about socialism. It is tricky. Look at the bigger picture. Trump calls Bernie crazy, because he’s unsure what Bernie can do to him. He calls Biden sleepy Joe and thinks he can walk all over him. He will fight bigtime to go against anything related to the Obama administration. With Bernie, he won’t know the next truth Bernie will hit him with. Bernie has been there fighting for we the people for a long time and he knows how everything works like the back of his hand. Raccoon Low Top Shoes. Bernie has the ability to unite countries back together and rebuild our reputation in the world standings. The man marched with MLK and has that “promised land” in the back of his mind. He is the miracle this country needs. WE can get things done with Bernie.

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