Raiders punisher skull filter face mask

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It’s unacceptable that at my husband’s hospital he works at, they are recycling n95 masks between all the nurses. Raiders punisher skull filter face mask. They claim they are sanitizing them and then passing them out again. They aren’t even reusing their own same masks. Disgusting. How is this possible. It happens because the USA’s health system is not just broken, but fundamentally flawed. Health care should be guaranteed to all citizens of all countries, by nature of their citizenship. It should not be something they have to pay for. The taxes you pay should fund your healthcare and other basic human needs such a clean water, a clean environment etc etc. The USA’s capitalist economy and politics have strayed way too far to the right, and your country is now paying the price for that. Very sad.

Raiders punisher skull filter face mask

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So while I agree that doctors and nurses need these things to save lives, the private businesses that run these hospitals are going to get a bill for these materials, correct? If the hospitals are charging patients/insurance than surely the government, which is funded by taxpayers, is charging for the goods we are handing over. Raiders punisher skull filter face mask. Human greed, and the continued acceptance of it. We allow broken individuals to run our industry, trying to fill a hole in their hearts with money, more money. Still trying to figure out why you’ve endorsed Biden at a time such as this in American history. You bowed out and bowed down with zero concessions given in return. 20 million people have lost their jobs and employer-based healthcare coverage in the last few weeks. This was NOT the time to bow out. This was the time to dig in your heels and fight. I’m beyond disappointed.

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