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Palestinians have been international charity cases for more than 70 years producing nothing but, hate for Israel and USA. Raised Right Republican. Joseph Meyer obviously your knowledge of the middle east history is not up to scratch, or you must be brainwashed and ignorant.

Raised Right Republican

Raised Right Republican v-neck
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I know the history almost expertly well. You, on the other hand, must have been breastfed on some lefty revisionist’s history. The aid won’t last forever, the local Arab states are sick and tired of the Palestinian issue, the only ones who care now are Iran and Erdogan. Dont the Israelis picture life without US surppot? The friends they think they have in the middle east, are all pretenders. I think they need to wake up and make real peace with the palestinians. Raised Right Republican. I think it’s our right to despise Israel since it’s colonizing our land and we don’t hate the US, we just oppose the way that the government is tolerating the Zionist terrorism against the indigenous Palestinians. Obama agreed with the censure in 2016 and so of course Trump, as usual, is repealing and destroying Obama’s legacy out of spite and profit. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is just the start. Regardless of the situation the Palestinians have a right to their own homeland. Since 1946 Israel has continued to usurp Palestinian land. One has to only look at the original borders drawn up in 1946. Israel has run out of land for their growing population and continue to encroach with illegal settlements in the West Bank. To use mythical stories from the the Talmud to justify this is no justification for usurping people who have lived there for centuries upon centuries. This is not anti Semitic, it is history.

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