Rammstein Beach hawaiian shirt

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These are the same people who say all lives matter. Rammstein Beach hawaiian shirt. They are phony and full of. If everyone mattered, we should all be outraged at BOTH murders.

Rammstein Beach hawaiian shirt

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As you stated, Cannon’s killer was swiftly arrested and charged, as he should be. These hateful people are only using Cannon’s murder as a talking point to counter the fight for Breonna’s murderers to be brought to justice. Who goes tit for tat about the loss of human life when one family will rightly have justice and another family has been waiting and fighting tirelessly for justice for their child? Those who truly are for the lives of all must never stop fighting for Breonna’s killer to be brought to justice. Rammstein Beach hawaiian shirt. NEVER!!!! Dean so let me get this straight because the cop murdered her by accident as u say which is false , you feel like it’s not wrong all involved should be in jail wrong is wrong regardless of color even though we know if it were flipped parties involved would be in Jail already…. they had no business there and she was sleep and got murdered. You should be mad because CNN doesn’t even report on all those little black babies and kids shot in the streets of Chicago New York and Atlanta. There’s been more black children shot and killed in the last 90 days then all the unjustified killings by police in the last eight years. He is making untruthful personal attacks, messing with the election, and screwing with Medicare and social security. Such a lovely individual!!!!

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