Rammstein pineapple hawaiian shirt

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People celebrating the 4th of July early. Rammstein pineapple hawaiian shirt. They sell them in absurd amounts for the entire month before.

Rammstein pineapple hawaiian shirt

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I think the guys who feel the need to set off fireworks believe it gives people the impression they’re well endowed…big men! We women know these are really the “small” guys. It ruins the actual 4th of July. It’s not as special a day when every jack off on the block is lighting fireworks every night for a month because he wasn’t taught patience. And now he’ll either have less on the actual day where we go nuts, or he’ll have spend way more money than he needed to. Rammstein pineapple hawaiian shirt. Either way, it’s a great neighborhood dummy alert. In some cities there are explosions every week. Killing hundreds of innocent people. And people are complaining over a few fireworks? yes and some are dying of famine and that’s worse but that doesn’t make it right or something that should be tolerated. my dogs are inside and when they are upset the trow up and shake a lot. I give then some meds to rest through it. It is sad to see if you live your dogs. “John”, you know where Kabul is, right? Try living there for more than a week and not fearing for your life. I used to love it as a kid. Now as a parent of two small children with routines to adhere to and bedtimes and naps; it’s a big pain. Makes me want to go where they don’t allow them for the week leading up to the 4th.

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