Rammstein the simpsons shirt and v-neck

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California. Where you might die from smoke inhalation and turn into just another COVID statistic. Rammstein the simpsons. Stay safe my Red Brothers and Sisters working out there, Everyone Comes Home.

Rammstein the simpsons shirt

Rammstein the simpsons v-neck
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RIP to the 2 Brave ones who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice. Please don’t lump all of California together. Central California is on fire as is southern which is where most of the covid cases are. Democrat run areas. True north does not have the cases. you sound like a Monster and a time of tragedy. Heartless to throw in your political jabs and turn your back on people in California and fellow Americans and oh yeah humans. Gross. Rammstein the simpsons. No one’s blamed Trump for wildfires, but we do make fun of him for talking about raking the forests in order to prevent them from happening. If people did peaceful protest wouldn’t you just go on abusing but hey atleast they could protest around you. I know you’d never protest as white privilege protects you from any adverse action. But should your white privilege, would you stand by and not say anything? How about when the military is sent to stop your protest? It’s truly sad that your bias prevents you from seeing what’s right in front of you. Stay healthy and safe. how about when trump wanted his photo op holding the bible? Portland had weeks of peaceful protests until the brownshirts were sent in. You need to take off your hood or make the eye holes bigger so you can see what’s going on.

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