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It seems the media is having a nervous breakdown; because, they are circulating old accusations from the election of 2016! Reflection the power of fishing poster. They can’t make him look bad now; because, all the good he has done, so now they are dragging up old articles to give the left something to talk about and post against the President.

Reflection the power of fishing poster

Reflection the power of fishing poster 1

According to his fellow prisoners , he absolutely was telling his captors valuable information and was given preferential treatment because his father was an Admiral in the US Navy .He also voted against several bills that would have greatly benefited our Veterans. Sad that apparently no one loved you enough growing up to read to you. If they had you would know the story of the boy that called wolf to often. You lie so much and say so many mean things about people that it is easy to believe any horrible thing people credit you with saying. Reflection the power of fishing poster. Don’t let them get under your skin great President he was not a true patriot and the majority know this. Just because you are a captured POW doesn’t make you a hero. The Rino’s are leading a losing cause for themselves. When I hear that George and Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney Colin Powell and others would vote against you in favor of an old man with a record that has no accomplishments and it’s been said his foreign experience has been nothing but wrong decisions, it immediately makes me think of a soldier selling country’s secrets.

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