Remember to wipe black cat poster

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Victoria Lynn agreed, sad to lose anyone, but when you’re morbidly obese with a plethora of underlying health issues, to blame it solely on Covid is obtuse at best. Remember to wipe black cat poster. No parent is perfect.

Remember to wipe black cat poster

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poster – A2
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There could of been many scenarios that could of lead to this. You’re quick to assume its all the mothers fault. No I’m sure that they could of better fought off the virus had they not been unhealthy but for people to be tacky about it all as if a mother isn’t suffering. When one mother suffers we all do. First of all the inaction of this administration, and failure to contain the virus has everything to do with politics . Remember to wipe black cat poster. Trump refused to take the virus serious and still doesn’t take it serious . Italy and China were able to contain the virus , by doing extreme lockdown and mandating mask . Massachusetts was surging the hot spot , our governor implemented strict mask guidelines among other ones . We have been able to bring numbers tremendously down. The thing is cherryl you chose specifically to reply on my comment. All I said was to at least have some consideration for the broken heart of a mother but yet you still felt the need to argue it so I mean. The irony is had the mother taken appropriate steps to contain their obesity and not traveled with them during a pandemic these children may have still been alive. Let’s blame the government for catching a deadly virus that their mother has failed to protect them from.

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