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Where does being a great dad come into the beauty pageant? Republican Democrat Freethinker. When the child is with his/her ever wonderful dad but asking where is mummy.

Republican Democrat Freethinker

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How is that a slur on the father! Ally Hamilton what if they have lots of money and nannys. They just want to join. Does a day of pageant and weeks of preparation ruin your role as a mother? Especially if you have means to provide and to take care of your kids. They know what to do, they will join if they can. But sadly the pageant committee doesnt want them. I’m about to go to my grandma’s- to do yard work, that the “men” are too busy changing diapers in my house to do. Aren’t you glad YOU chose to be the beta and let someone else be the alpha in your life story? When the value of motherhood is SO undervalued by you then yes… I’m glad I can rely on my instincts which to you seem to be a like a cave women.. but cave women were unique read about them. I hope she didn’t put a beauty pageant over rearing her child…!! No one said a dad couldn’t be a great parent … this debate is about a mother entering a beauty pageant for women without kids… I didn’t make the rules. Republican Democrat Freethinker. What about all those famous other women who also have children? Are you saying career politicians should also have stayed home? What about famous athletes? Should those women have stayed in their houses and folded laundry? Doctors who spend 8 years in school and go on to be surgeons and scientists curing disease? That all female astronaut crew should have just did the dishes?

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