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Earth Day and I remember that climate change is a reality and I recall that it was in 1976 when a young, 28 year old, man alerted us to the danger ahead if we did not clean up our act. He was vilified and jeered at but he continued to work for alerting us to the dangers of continuing fossil fuel burning, deforestation and turning our backs on the truth. Resident evil 2 poster. Forty four (44) years ago and, still, we have not learned. Still that man is ridiculed by the uneducated and the naive but his work goes on. The man is Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States, one of my heroes.

Resident evil 2 poster

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poster – A4
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Obviously Bernie you are not reading the majority of comments…Starting a revolution means that you stay in till the end and don’t bow out to the pressures of political interests and past governments…this is what you promised you would never do and you let down millions of your young followers stop with these messages and retire …we thought you were a fighter and let down my son’s dreams. Yes we’re n a time where fired or Hired not vocabulary science signs Irish and ethnic group wouldn’t forget. Resident evil 2 poster. Even in a country that is common of company that didn’t properly pay but even undocumented working and that in slave labor. Walmart. Or even cheat Union Labor working. Kroger’s v a Walmart. They’re seen how it’s pan out Kroger’s pitted against company like Marsh which even I IRS and pitted crime. Just realized.

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