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Becky Doyle-Morin you have no idea what you’re talking about. It was Not choices by top management. Rhode island for trump flag. The financial problems the Postal service has were created by Congress, who mandated the Postal service to prefund the retirement system to the tune of over 75 million. Take those payments away and the Postal Service is a money maker.

Rhode island for trump flag

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I agree 100%. It would be catastrophic if we lost the post office for those reasons, among many others. But, I think this idea that suggesting there’s room for improvement is an attack, particularly when these limitations have been documented, isn’t a perspective that helps to strengthen the agency. Rhode island for trump flag. We should all want the USPS to be as strong as it can be…particularly bc the agency is under attacks that are trying to break it down, not build it up. I completely agree with you–our rural delivery people, especially this past year, are really taking the brunt of this. The way they are treated is really unfair. And, I agree that there are questionable management activities driving this.

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