Rick and Morty tiger king shirt, tank top and sweatshirt

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If I remember correctly, social media was full of jokes about coronavirus until the first part of March. How soon people forget and point fingers at politicians. Trying to find someone to blame, when Americans convinced that all the warnings they were receiving was fake and a hoax. We went about our business spreading the virus. Just like liberals though… Rick and Morty tiger king. Lets blame Trump. Afterall, we have blamed him for everything else. This is not because of Donald this is because of not abiding rules and restrictions while pandemic by the citizens.Whether you become president or not if you are in the same situation you won’t be able to do nothing.Take Example as India Lockdown and Quarantine procedure by the whole nation they are more populous than USA but the case is still very low because most of the people are law abiding citizens.

Rick and Morty tiger king shirt

Rick and Morty Tiger King shirt
King t-hoodie
Rick and Morty Tiger King t-sweatshirt
King t-sweatshirt

What I don’t understand is why he Trump doesn’t use our millitery and take our stockpile of medical supplies and help our people in this terrible medical crisis. That is his job and that is why there is a gov. stockpile. It’s there for him to help in a national emergency. If this is not a national emergency I don’t know what is. This man Is killing our people. Rick and Morty tiger king. Can anyone tell me he is not doing this on purpose.  It was intentional,premeditated with lethal consequences. Charges are warranted. Only a fool like Trump would ever/ even considering with doing away with the first line of National Defense. ICBMs and Biological weaponry are at the same threat level. Obama is light years ahead of the fool occupying the Oval Office and The Situation Room now.

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