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Funny, silly jo. Obviously, you’re not capable of pouring piss out of a boot with directions on the heel at this point. I look for the DNC to yank you out, then insert clinton, more than likely coumo. Why do you always use second hand information for campaign talks? It is Usually whatever Trump talks about anyway? Rick Sanchez Fuck Corona. Can’t think on your own? You are so deceitful about your role, your family’s role and you’re son’s role in Ukraine scandal and Millions and Billions you all stole and swindled from that country. You would do the same thing for America I wouldn’t vote for you even if you were running for a dog catcher position.

Rick Sanchez Fuck Corona Shirt 

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Y’all don’t realize Biden is the sacrificial lamb, no one will have a chance to beat Trump so let Joe fail. Joe will wake up the day after the election and the only way he’ll know he lost is if they write it on the little piece of paper that has his name pinned to his pajamas. I think you’re getting us mixed up with cosplay revolutionary wannabe Bernie zealots. Most Biden supporters I know are pragmatic hardworking grownups. Several are former Trump supporters who simply want a rational grownup behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. Rick Sanchez Fuck Corona. And thanks. You wrapped up a joke of a town hall knowing the questions you’d be asked ahead of time, then reading the scripted answers off a teleprompter, plus your notes in front of you. That’s cheating Joe and you’re doing it because you’re incapable of answering questions on your own. Well you better enjoy it and fake it as long as you can before the debates roll around. Then to turn around and ask people for money when the government has just had to step in and give people money to live on. Do you have no shame

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